As part of the changes at the CAA to a more efficient and timely SUAS (Drone) application and renewal process, the regulator has announced a switch away from the 'old school' SRG1320 Paper Form to a new online based process.

This article provides a granular breakdown of the process via a screenshot video which you can find below.


Total Read Time: ~1 minute

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How does the new application process work?

We've been through a 'mock up' of the new application process and are, thus far, very impressed. It's what we've been begging the CAA for for some time now; a more simple, efficient and streamlined process for all SUAS operators... Rather than talk you through the online form/process, we've created a screenshot video of the entire application process to help guide you through.


We've completed the application as an 'individual applicant' but it follows a very similar pattern for all of the other applicant types. You can check out the how-to video by clicking the image below. Let us know what you think in the comments!








Payment Processing

As we mentioned in our blog article when the changes were first announced, the CAA now allow applicants to pay for their permissions as part of the process online. It's a super simple process which you are guided through, as per the rest of the new application. There is even a link to the ORS 5 which is where you can find the latest costs for applications and renewals (look under the 'General Aviation' Section)


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The online Application Form is live NOW and you can find it at the link HERE.



This is a big step forward for the CAA and one which is great to see. For a long time it has been clear that the current processes and infrastructure were struggling to cope with the demand placed upon them and hopefully, these new processes combined with the service level improvements which should come from the increased fees associated with initial applications and renewals will be great for both the industry and the regulator!


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