The CAA CAP 393 has been updated to a new version; this change should be noted by all PfCO holders and PICs although the articles governing the commercial use of SUAS remain unchanged.

We take a quick look at how this may affect you as a PfCO (or potential PfCO) holder and SUA operator...


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What is the latest version of the CAA CAP 393

The CAA CAP 393 was updated on the 27th March 2018 to a new version. The now current version of the document is:


Version 5.3 Dated 27th March 2018.


Are there any changes which affect me as a commercial SUA operator or PfCO Holder?

The fundamental changes do not impact the standard PfCO Holder or SUAS operator. The Articles affecting how we operate SUAS commercially remain as Articles 94 & 95.


However, it does mean that you should update your Operations Manual to reflect the changes.


You must also remember to ensure that any references to the ANO in your Operations Manual are updated to reflect the changes to the latest version prior submitting a PfCO application or renewal to the CAA.


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Remember, it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that you know and are aware of the current regulations prior to conducting any flight operations.


We'll do our best to keep you up to date here via the blog, so make sure you subscribe if you wish to be made aware of any future regulatory changes and as always; we'll email all of the ICARUS family as and when we here of any future amendments.


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