The Aerial Motion Pictures team has been working hard behind the scenes to further develop our PfCO Drone courses to continually give the best learning experience possible to all of our students.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our classroom training, however, as technology evolves and through feedback of our students we are pleased to release our ICARUS Resource Library for all current and past candidates.


What is the ICARUS Resource Library?

The ICARUS Resource Library is our core resource for students to do optional pre-learning, revision and have access to all of the essential downloadable resources required to complete their PfCO course.


The Resource Library will be available through our gated LMS platform which also hosts our ICARUS Night and ICARUS 1 course for Hobbyist Drone Pilots.


ICARUS E-Learning Resource Library


What will I have access to?

Our Resource Library contains E-Learning videos taught by Matt Williams of some of the modules that are taught on our ICARUS Theory Course. These can be viewed at any time prior to attending the theory course or after and are not mandatory.


You will still receive the same high-quality level of teaching from our instructors on the course, regardless if you have viewed the Resource Library.


You will also have a one-stop-shop for downloadable materials including the Operations Manual Template, briefing template and a PDF version of the current Theory Booklet (Aide-memoir).

As the regulations changes we will up-date our resource Library so you always have the most up-to-date information available.


 Resource Library Preview


When do I get access to the Resource Library?

You will get access to the ICARUS Resource Library regardless if you choose to do our ICARUS Standard or ICARUS Pro PfCO Drone Course.


All new Students will automatically be enrolled into the ICARUS Resource Library when you book your course. Former students who'd like access to the Resource Library can ask for access by emailing and quoting their ICARUS Number.



Do I need to access the Resource Library prior to attending the course?

We believe it would be beneficial for all students to familiarise themselves with the content in the Resource Library prior to attending the course, however it is not mandatory to view and the ICARUS Theory PfCO Course will remain unchanged. We have not moved any modules only, we have only complemented the classroom based training.



Is there an additional cost?

There is no additional cost to have access to our ICARUS Resource Library. Access is included with all ICARUS PfCO courses.


You can only get access to the ICARUS Resource Library is you are a current or former ICARUS Student.




It's an exciting time for Fly ICARUS, we've got lots more planned to make our course truly the best PfCO Course on the market. We've reached over 200 independent reviews on Trust Pilot with a 5* rating making us the highest reviewed PfCO Course training company on there and we continue to strive to stay at the top of the industry.


If you'd like to join on one our ICARUS PfCO Course please get in touch today and speak to a member of our team.


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