What are your Christmas Opening Hours?

Our offices will be open until 5pm on Thursday December 22nd, we’ll then be closed until 9am Tuesday January 3rd to give our UAVHUB team some well deserved family-time & rest.

Can I still purchase training courses?

Yes - Our online store remains open through the holidays & you’ll still get immediate access to the course materials. Please ensure the email address used to complete the purchase is correct & accessible as we’ll use this to send your course welcome email.

Can I purchase a course for someone else?

If purchasing a course for someone else you can input their email address when completing checkout, this will send the course welcome email but they’ll also receive the order confirmation/receipt.

If you want to use your details to purchase please input the delegate's full name and email address in the order notes section during checkout, then when we’re back in the office we can manually enrol them to start the training. 

Can I still take my Examination over the Holidays?

Yes - Theory exams can still be completed 24/7 over the Holidays. Processing results & creating certificates is a manual process so we’ll only be able to confirm your results and move you forward when the team are back on January 3rd. Please be aware there may be a backlog of results to process but our team will work as fast as they can getting your results/certificates over to you.

Can I book a Practical Flight Exam for my GVC course over the Holidays?

Yes- our live calendar is still available with OE appointments available for the coming weeks. Further availability will be added in January

Can I take a Practical Flight Exam for my GVC course over the Holidays?

Our offices are officially closed however some of our Flight Assessors are still accepting bookings over the festive break. Please sign in to your GVC course to check if your location has availability, if you book an appointment whilst the office is closed you’ll need to sign in to the Online Resource Library (found in your student dashboard) to download the appropriate planning paperwork pack.

Your instructor will then telephone you 24hrs before your assessment to exchange contact details & confirm weather conditions.

I can’t download my A1/A3 Flyer ID from the CAA Website

Please follow the video instructions found within the course to download a PDF of your A1/A3 Flyer ID and email the document to courses@uavhub.com.

If you cannot download the PDF then please email a screenshot of your CAA registration ensuring it clearly shows your full name as registered with the CAA along with your Flyer ID

Can I fly my ‘Legacy’ aircraft after 31/12/2022 with an A2 Certificate of Competency?

Yes! The CAA have recently announced an extension to the Legacy Transitional Period allowing you to operate existing ‘Legacy’ aircraft until 31/12/2025.

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