With a lot of false information on the internet and unreliable sources for information on how to operate your drone as a hobbyist, we thought that we would take the initiative and launch our own completely free course for drone pilots.


We've designed the course based on our own (soon to be released!) online PfCO course and made it available to everyone free of charge.


The online course is called ICARUS™ 1 and will be your stepping stone to getting up to speed with the rules and regulations in the United Kingdom.


ICARUS 1 hobbyist drone course


Taking extracts from the Drone Code, the course further explains what you can and can't do with your drone as a hobbyist drone pilot.


The course is hosted by our very own industry expert Matt Williams and provides helpful advice on how to operate your drone.


As the regulations change and evolve, we'll update the course appropriately, and we hope to build upon our online courses to offer much more.


In the ICARUS™ 1 course, you'll learn about:

  • The different names for drones
  • Who makes the rules and regulations?
  • The Drone Code
  • Collision Avoidance
  • What is the Permission for Commercial Operation?

This short course will give you a solid understanding of how to operate your drone safely as a hobbyist drone pilot.


On completion of the course, there is a quiz that on successfully passing, you will be awarded a certificate from ICARUS™ to say that you have understood the basics of being a remote pilot. The learning you receive will give you a solid base should you choose to further advance your knowledge on our ICARUS™ PfCO Course.


The ICARUS™ 1 course will not allow you to operate your drone commercially, for that you will need a PfCO from the CAA which you can obtain by completing an ICARUS™ PfCO course with ourselves.


If you wish to speak to someone about getting your Permission for Commercial Operation, please email info@flyicarus.co.uk or call 01491 526 700.