It's been a few years in the making but with a following quickly approaching 2000 ICARUS Trained, CAA PfCO holders, we're proud to be able to formally launch the ICARUS Pilots Lounge...


A place for all ICARUS trained commercial drone operators (and selected partners/friends of ICARUS) to be able to chat, connect and explore all the 'ins and outs' of the commercial drone market... Without the negativity and bitterness that seems so unfortunately prevalent on many of the 'public' forums...


ICARUS Pilots Lounge Banner


The Pilots Lounge will be the first port of call for all special offers, new and exciting training products and direction for CAA Commercial PfCO Holders (and those in the process of gaining their PfCO).


It is completely free and open to all ICARUS Candidates past, present and future... Moving forwards, anyone who joins the ICARUS Training courses will automatically be invited to join and we are extending invitations to all previous and current clients. If you're in this group, keep an eye out for your invite, or, to get to the front of the queue, visit:


Click on 'Create new account' and complete the details... Please be aware, that users can currently create an account themselves but we need to manually verify each one against our database, so please bear with us as we check each user's account details and add you to the forum.


In a few days time, account registration will be closed and you will only be able to create an account if you are invited, or you contact us in order to get an invitation... This is in order to keep the community private and secure for us all! :) 


So, proceed through security and we'll see you in the lounge!


Blue Skies,