On 27th November 2020, Mr MPW and Fly ICARUS hosted their first FREE Operating Safety Case (OSC) Seminar to a packed out audience at Keele Hall in Staffordshire.

With over 5500 commercial drone operators in the UK, we wanted to show the community what the next step was in the continuing professional development of drone business and career.


The obvious next step is to get the OSC or the Operating Safety Case. All attendees had to subscribe or already be subscribed to the Mr MPW YouTube channel and apply for their FREE space with an application form. 60 successful applicants received their invitation and attended the event on 27th November 2019 at Keele Hall.


MR MPW OSC Seminar with matt williams


The event was hosted by Matt Williams (Mr MPW) with guest speaker (and ICARUS alumni) Graham Degg from Eyeup Aerial Solutions who provides a consultancy service to help people get the OSC. Graham first got his PfCO and an OSC in 2016 and has gone on in 2019 to get a 5m OSC from the CAA.




Graham told the audience that only 2% of commercial drone operators in the UK has an OSC and that by having an OSC Graham had achieved a 98% increase in turnover which has more than paid for the initial investment in getting the OSC.


Matt re-iterated that the CAA has now made getting the OSC fairly straightforward as they have provided all the guidance and even a template as part of the CAP 722A documentation. You don't need to create or use another template as this is the one designed and preferred by the CAA.


Matt took the audience through Volume 1 of the OSC, breaking down that most people should have this mostly covered by their PfCO Operations Manual and people would just need to add in a few extra sections which he indicated to the crowd.


After being walked through Volume 2 - Systems, which describe the DJI Inspire 2 with and without a ballistic parachute, Matt then showed the audience Bowtiexp risk assessments and how by having a strong SMS (Safety Management System) would make getting the OSC straightforward. By accounting for the majority of Risk Assessments as part of the OSC, it would mean that you could do little to no Risk Assessing on-site because it should all be covered as part of the SMS.


Bowtie Risk Assessments were a new concept to the majority of the audience, who weren't from an Aviation background and proved to be an engaging topic after discovering that this style of SMS is recommended by the CAA and even ICAO.


matt willaims mr mpw bowtiexp osc seminar


Finally, Matt took the audience through Volume 3 - Safety Risk Assessment, he explained that this document didn't need to be anything to be afraid of, and by covering the risks as part of the Bowtie SMS, this document should be straightforward. Matt went through the statements shown in an example OSC and the audience could ask questions in relations to their own operations.


The audience left at 4 pm feeling energised that they too could get their own OSC. With ongoing support through the Mr MPW Youtube channel, and the services provided by Graham Degg at Eyeup Aerial Solutions.


matt williams mr mpw osc seminar


We'd like to take the opportunity to thank all of the attendees for attending and supporting the YouTube channel. The channel is designed to help educate people in the drone space and to offer guidance and support. It's a platform that offers guidance backed up with actual aviation experience in the manned and unmanned space.


If you ever have any questions that you need answering, please get in contact with us at info@flyicarus.co.uk or speak to one of the team on 01491 526 700.


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