This guide is purely here to help alleviate any potential worries about sitting one of our online exams.

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Although the whole process is explained in great detail at the end of our GVC & A2 courses; we thought we could walk you through the main points here.

All of UAVHub theory exams are carried out remotely by external invigilators. This means all our exam slots are completely flexible: you can book any time/day to suit YOU!

We also cater for additional needs if required, (eg. extra time/ exams for the deaf or hard of hearing) Simply call Tim on our free phone number 0800 033 4400 or email at to discuss your requirements.

Once you have successfully booked, and you are ready to sit your exam you will need to prepare your workspace and have your Flyer ID and personal Photographic ID to hand.

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Prepare your workspace:

To begin with, you will need a laptop (Windows, Mac or Chromebook) with a webcam running the Chrome Internet Browser. (-it supports the invigilation platform best.)

You can use a desktop computer but it will have to have a removable webcam so you can give your invigilator a 360-degree view of your workspace before the exam begins.

NOTE: You can’t use a phone or tablet due to the limitations of these devices. 

The following rules must apply when the invigilator checks your workspace:

  • Be on your own in the room
  • Clear your desk (apart from Flyer ID and your own ID)
  • Switch off or cover external monitors 
  • No headphones

When you sit your exam, you will be greeted by your proctor and they will guide you through the rest of the setup including showing your ID and the 360-degree room scan.

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The Exam:

Once the exam begins you’ll have plenty of time so don’t stress out! You will be able to mark a question "for review" so you can even come back to it at the end if you are unsure.

Just as soon as you have finished the exam to the best of your ability, click the ‘ End Exam' button (You will be able to click if you complete ahead of the time too!)

Your results will be displayed on the screen the moment you click ‘End Exam’. 

Anything over 80% is a PASS. ( We recommend you view any questions you may have got wrong )

You can then let your proctor know you have finished and end the session.  

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Your exam results will be verified by UAVHUB (- this can take between 1-5 working days.)


As soon as you become verified as a pass you will receive your Theory Pass Certificate - Congratulations!

Now all the theoretical work has been done, it's time to start thinking about your flight test! 😂

Tom Pattison