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      A2 CofC

      If my Drone has a tripod mode, does my drone automatically become a C2 certified drone?

      We're going to take a look at the A2 subcategory of the open category and if some drones with a tripod mode are C2...

      Drone Code

      A1 and A2 Transitional Provision end dates for Legacy Aircraft delayed

      The transitional period for legacy aircraft has been extended and will now run until 1st January 2020 instead of...


      Delay to the applicability date of EU UAS Regulation to 31 December 2020

      Official notification that the UK CAA is pushing back the implementation of the EU UAS regulation package from the 1...


      CAA to delay adoption of the EU UAS regulations until (at least) 1st November 2020

      The CAA will delay adopting the EU UAS regulations until the 1st November 2020.


      Is the Parrot ANAFI range the perfect drone to combine with an A2 CofC?

      Whilst we wait for a C1 or C2 class drone to hit the market to take advantage of the A2 CofC, is the overlooked Parrot...


      UK CAA to delay introduction of new EASA drone regulations

      The UK CAA is set to delay the applicability of the forthcoming EU UAS Implementing Regulation to beyond the original 1...


      Proving your drone pilot competency & responding to public questioning

      How to deal with a situation when challenged about the legality of a drone flight and what we recommend you keep with...


      5 Things you need to know about owning & flying drones in the UK in 2020

      While drones have become more reliable and more capable, they have also created new risks and the need for regulation...


      The UK is leaving EASA, what does this mean for the Drone Industry?

      The UAS Department at the UK CAA has confirmed the UK is continuing with its plan to transition to the EASA UAS...