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      Operations Manual

      What should I look for in my Operations Manual when I renew my PfCO in October 2020?

      Here are the key things to check for in your Drone Operations Manual if you are renewing your PfCO in October 2020


      PfCO vs. GVC vs. A2 CofC - Which is best for you?

      We take a look at how the PfCO differs from the GVC and the A2 CofC when the new EU drone regulations come into effect...


      What are the latest references required in my Operations Manual for 2020?

      We take a look at what references are required in your Drone Operations Manual when you hold a PfCO or an Operational...


      How to survive a CAA Drone PfCO / Operational Authorisation Audit!

      The CAA is now beginning to audit at least 5% of all PfCO (soon to be GVC / Operational Authorisation) permission...


      Join the HUBSUB - Keep your Drone Operations Manual always up-to-date

      UAVHUB has now officially launched its HUBSUB. A monthly subscription service for Operations Manual updates as well as...