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      CAP 722 V8 - What happens if my PfCO was issued before 31st December 2020

      If you hold a PfCO you're going to need a NEW Flyer ID from the CAA from 15 December 2020 and you'll need to do a GVC...

      Operations Manual

      What should I look for in my Operations Manual when I renew my PfCO in October 2020?

      Here are the key things to check for in your Drone Operations Manual if you are renewing your PfCO in October 2020


      PfCO vs GVC vs OA - What's the difference? JARGON BUSTER

      What's the difference between the PfCO, GVC and an OE. Check out this jargon buster to find out which drone permissions...


      Flight Tests for PfCO and GVC to resume

      Based on the government guidance, we have decided to recommence Flight Examinations for both the PfCO and GVC drone...


      UK CAA to delay introduction of new EASA drone regulations

      The UK CAA is set to delay the applicability of the forthcoming EU UAS Implementing Regulation to beyond the original 1...


      Proving your drone pilot competency & responding to public questioning

      How to deal with a situation when challenged about the legality of a drone flight and what we recommend you keep with...


      The UK is leaving EASA, what does this mean for the Drone Industry?

      The UAS Department at the UK CAA has confirmed the UK is continuing with its plan to transition to the EASA UAS...


      Have you missed the Drone Gold Rush?

      Was there such a thing as a drone gold rush? Does it still exist or have you missed the boat? is still worth using a...


      PfCO vs. GVC vs. A2 CofC - Which is best for you?

      We take a look at how the PfCO differs from the GVC and the A2 CofC when the new EU drone regulations come into effect...


      Do you need a CAA Drone License or PfCO after 31st December 2020

      With the removal of the requirement to hold a PfCO to fly commercially from 31st December 2020, we look at what type of...


      What are the latest references required in my Operations Manual for 2020?

      We take a look at what references are required in your Drone Operations Manual when you hold a PfCO or an Operational...


      How to survive a CAA Drone PfCO / Operational Authorisation Audit!

      The CAA is now beginning to audit at least 5% of all PfCO (soon to be GVC / Operational Authorisation) permission...


      The CAA's new A2 CofC Drone Training Course and the DJI Mavic Mini - Is it the ULTIMATE Combo?

      The A2 CofC drone training course and the DJI Mavic Mini id the best combination to fly in the open category when the...


      The UK Drone Licenses - What are they and do you Need One?

      Until the 1st July 2020, to operate a drone 'commercially' in the UK, you MUST have a PfCO from the UK CAA but what...


      How long is the CAA GVC ( General VLOS Certificate) Drone Training valid for?

      On the 1st July 2020, the CAA's current drone training and qualification system changes significantly. We look into the...

      EU regulations

      Find out which drone course is best suited for you in 2020. Check out the GVC Drone Course and A2 CofC Drone course.


      Are you struggling to find out how to get the landowners permission to fly your drone? This article will help to steer...