The UK CAA Drone and Model Aircraft Registration Service (DMARES) officially goes live at midnight tonight.


According to the Air Navigation Order (ANO), everyone who is responsible for operating a drone which weighs 250g or more, must register with the CAA by the 30th November 2019 and obtain an 'Operator ID' from them - this costs £9 and is payable directly to the CAA during the process.


In addition, anyone who does not have a current PfCO but is responsible for a drone whose weight is greater then 250g, MUST pass a basic competency examination which can be done online for free and then obtain a 'Flyer-ID'.


There are certain parties (such as BMFA members and PfCO holders) who are exempt from some elements of the registration for the time being and if you are a member of any organisation, the CAA recommend contacting your society etc BEFORE completing the DMARES.


You can check these exemptions and if any affect you, on the CAA Drone Registration Portal.


Please note: If you have recently purchased the DJI Mavic Mini, you are not required to apply foran Operator ID to attach to the aircraft, however, you still must pass the basic competency examination which can be done online for free and then obtain a 'Flyer-ID'. This will be mandatory to do from 30th November 2019.


Below you can find a walkthrough for the DMARES which you may find useful:



You can apply for the 'Flyer ID' and 'Operator ID' at the link below:



Drone Registration does not automatically = Commercial Operation


Please remember, having a Flyer ID and/or Operator ID does not mean that you can fly your drones commercially. To do that you are required to hold a Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) from the CAA.


If you don't currently hold a PfCO, give the team shout on 01491 526 700 or email or at and we can help you decide on the best course for you.


Alternatively, visit