UK CAA to delay introduction of new EASA drone regulations


The UK CAA is working closely with the Government and European colleagues to delay the applicability of the forthcoming EU UAS Implementing Regulation to beyond the original 1st July 2020 date. The length of this delay is being finalised but will be at least a number of months.


There are several amendments to the EU UAS Implementing Regulation which are being added into an updated edition of CAP 1789 ‘The EU UAS Regulation Package – Outline’, which will be published at an appropriate time and when the applicable dates can be included.


The CAA has confirmed that the UK will still adopt the EASA regulations, just not on the original intended date of the 1st July 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

[article last updated 30.04.2020]


I've already done an A2 CofC course or I'm booked on to one. What does this mean for me?

All students who have completed the A2 Certificate Of Competency course with UAVHUB will have their certificates dated from the new date of the implementation date of the EASA drone regulations. UAVHUB will release your certificates on this date and they will still be valid for 5 years.

Please remember, even if you have done an A2 CofC course you must not operate under these permissions after 1st July 2020 until after the new implementation date has been announced by the UK CAA.

UAVHUB will continue to run A2 CofC Drone courses, and as stated, your certificates will be dated from the new implementation date (should you have completed the course prior to this date).


I've already done a General VLOS Certificate Course or I'm booked on to one. What does this mean for me?

All students who have completed a GVC course with UAVHUB will still be issued their certificates and it will be valid for 5 years.

If you apply for permissions from the CAA before the new implementation date, the CAA will issue you a Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO). After the new implementation date, you will be issued an Operational Authorisation.

Both the PfCO and the Operational Authorisation have to be renewed with the UK CAA every 12 months.



If you are currently on an A2 CofC or a GVC course you can continue your learning programme as normal with UAVHUB. Certificates for the A2 CofC will be issued from the date of the new implementation date when released by the UK CAA.

GVC Drone courses will continue as normal. Currently [dated: 09.04.2020], all Flight Examinations are postponed until further guidance from the UK government is released.

This decision in regards to the delay of the EU UAS regulation package is the decision of the UK CAA and the UK government and not UAVHUB.

As soon as we receive more information from the UK CAA we will notify our customers.

Stay Safe.

The UAVHUB team.