When DJI released the Inspire 2 they also released the Zenmuse X5S camera. A brand new upgrade over the X5 and X5R which are not compatible with the Inspire 2 (sorry Inspire 1 guys looking to upgrade and save a bit of cash!)


One of the best things about the Zenmuse X5S is the fact it still takes Micro Four Third Lenses, but only 8 specific ones. let's take a look!



Listed below are the 8 MFT lenses that are supported by the Zenmuse X5S. Do keep in mind however, a balancing ring is needed for some lenses. We've provided links to the lens (where possible) if you wish to purchase the lens from our friends over at London Camera Exchange.






As a company, Aerial Motion Pictures has chosen these lenses to be included with their Inspire 2 kit because they give a broad variation for aerial photography and filming, whilst having great optics. 





If the Inspire 2 with the X5S lens is out of your price range then read our blog for an independent analysis of which DJI's consumer drones are best suited for filming .