In a surprise update to the regulations that will please many operators who fly heavy aircraft between 7-20 kg, the CAA has announced that they are now allowing aircraft between 7-20 kg to fly within a congested area, maintaining a 50 metre separation from people, vessels, vehicles and structures not under the remote pilots control. Previously, 7-20 kg aircraft were not permitted to fly in congested areas and had to stay 150 metres clear. 


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Not only that, the CAA have now merged both the 0-7 kg and 7-20 kg into just one 0-20 kg category, so you no longer need to take a separate Flight Test if you wish to fly heavier aircraft.

You should note, for SUA Operators with an existing Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO), these new changes will not come into effect until they have renewed their existing PfCO (good news if yours is due for renewal - bad news if you applied before 30th July 2018).


Did you know that as of 30th July 2018 you need to update your Operations Manual? Check out this blog to find out more.


Time To Update Your Operations Manual





A welcomed change

These landmark changes will undoubtedly come as welcome news to SUA Operators who have aspired to utilise Drones of a higher payload capability such as the DJI Matrice 600 or the Freefly Systems Alta 6, where they were previously restricted to 150m of a congested area without an OSC from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).






Get some extra tuition

For people who plan on making the jump from aircraft such a DJI Mavic Pro to heavy lift drones, we recommend that you get some tuition with an experienced SUA Pilot. Aircraft with more than four rotors will require further maintenance and set-up than aircraft designed for hobbyists.


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Aerial Motion Pictures

Aerial Motion Pictures is one of the CAA's NQEs (Nationally Qualified Entities) and can help you with your PfCO through their ICARUS course.


We also have some of the best pilots in the UK who can impart their knowledge of flying heavy aircraft, should you wish to make the leap from flying smaller aircraft.


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