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PfCO vs GVC vs OA - What's the difference? JARGON BUSTER

A1 and A2 Transitional Provision end dates for Legacy Aircraft delayed

Delay to the applicability date of EU UAS Regulation to 31 December 2020

Flight Tests for PfCO and GVC to resume

The DJI Mavic Air 2 has landed! Pre-order yours today!

CAA to delay adoption of the EU UAS regulations until (at least) 1st November 2020

UAVHUB Starts to deliver Operating Safety Case (OSC) E-Learning

Is the Parrot ANAFI range the perfect drone to combine with an A2 CofC?

UK CAA to delay introduction of new EASA drone regulations

Proving your drone pilot competency & responding to public questioning

2020 Drone industry developments - what lies ahead?

5 Things you need to know about owning & flying drones in the UK in 2020

Flight Tests suspended until further notice - Covid 19 Update

All UAVHUB Drone Courses to be Delivered by Virtual Classroom Online for at least the next 3 months

Coronavirus Covid-19 update from UAVHUB

The UK is leaving EASA, what does this mean for the Drone Industry?

The DMARES - What is it and who does it affect?

The Guide to Flight Restriction Zones (FRZ)

Have you missed the Drone Gold Rush?

A2 CofC drone regulations - C2 Certified Aircraft and the 1:1 Rule

PfCO vs. GVC vs. A2 CofC - Which is best for you?

Do you need a CAA Drone License or PfCO after July 1st 2020?

What are the latest references required in my Operations Manual for 2020?

How to survive a CAA Drone PfCO / Operational Authorisation Audit!

Mastering DJI drone flying skills

The CAA's new A2 CofC Drone Training Course and the DJI Mavic Mini - Is it the ULTIMATE Combo?

Five Top Tips to help you confidently pass your CAA Drone Flight Test

The UK Drone Licenses - What are they and do you Need One?

How long is the CAA GVC ( General VLOS Certificate) Drone Training valid for?

Which Drone Course should you choose in 2020?

UAVHUB starts to deliver the A2 CofC Drone Course

Join the HUBSUB - Keep your Drone Operations Manual always up-to-date

When does my NQE Recommendation Certificate expire?

UAVHUB becomes the UK's FIRST Drone Recognised Assessment Entity (RAE)

Can I fly FPV Drones after the EU UAS Regulations come in July 2020?

Can I fly my DJI Mavic 2 Pro after 1st July 2020 - EU Drone Regulation

What is the A2 CofC (A2 Certificate of Competency)?

What is the General Visual Line of Sight Certificate (GVC)?

What can you do with current 'Legacy' aircraft in the Open Category

The Open Category and A2 CofC explained

PfCO lives on under an Operational Authorisation from 1 July 2020

The CAA Drone Registration becomes law from tomorrow

Mr MPW's FREE Drone OSC Seminar

New Fixed Wing Course with Fly ICARUS! Learn to fly an eBee and get your Fixed Wing Permissions

The DJI Mavic Mini has landed! Pre-order today!

Are we a day away from the DJI Mavic Mini? (specs potentially leaked)

UK’s new Drone Registration and Education Service will go live on 5 November 2019

ND Filters for Drones Explained - Shoot Aerial Footage like a PRO

Can you fly your drone in a Congested Area as a Hobbyist with a PfCO?

DJI Mavic Mini and Mavic 3 soon the be announced?...Rumours round-up!

The Phantom 4 isn't dead! (yet), Dji announces its Multispectral Drone

When is the UK Drone Registration Scheme Happening?

How do you fly your drone near to people & property

CAA to Introduce Rejection Fees for PfCO Applications

Who owns the data you capture with a drone?

Do you HAVE to PAY to fly your drone in an airports FRZ?

CAP 722 clarifies the age-old Bubble or Cylinder argument

Fly ICARUS Drone Training launches the UK's FIRST Online Industry Sales & Marketing Course

Start earning money with our ICARUS affiliate scheme

CAA Propose to charge £16.50 for Drone Registration

How do you find a contact number for Air Traffic Control (ATC)?

How to update your Drone Operations Manual for 13th March 2019 CAA Regulation changes

Join us at The Photography Show 2019 and get 25% off your ticket!

The UK CAA releases the new Drone Code for 2019

No-fly zone for drones around airports to be extended from March 2019

Questions about the Drone Industry, Regulations or How to Make Money From Drones? Join Matt Williams (Mr MPW) in the ICARUS 'Live Lounge'!

ICARUS Pilots Lounge - NOW LIVE! Join our Exclusive Forum, only when you complete your training with FLY ICARUS...

FREE CAA Drone Operations Manual Update for PfCO Holders with any drone purchase from Fly ICARUS!

How to choose Editing Software for your Drone Showreel and Videos

ICARUS launches an Online PfCO Drone Course for less than £500

Taking care of your LiPo batteries

Calibrating your DJI drone such as the Mavic or Inspire

How to choose the correct music for your drone showreel

Shoot Better Drone Photography - Controlling Exposure using the ISO

Shoot Better Drone Photography - Controlling the shutter

Finish your PfCO Drone Training Course with ICARUS

Shoot Better Drone Photography - Controlling Exposure using Aperture

Does a larger drone camera sensor mean I can shoot better photographs?

ICARUS Drone Courses come to Leeds and North Yorkshire in 2019

Matt Williams shares the Main Stage with Jason Bradbury at the Drone Show 2018

Flock and ICARUS join forces to provide industry exclusive insurance offer

How to write an Operating Safety Case | The Series - Part 4 | How much does it cost to get an OSC?

Best Black Friday Drone Course Sale now on

What is the Drone Code in the UK

How do I get a Drone License from the CAA?

DJI Issues Firmware Updates For TB50 And TB55 Batteries

CAA Safety Notice - DJI TB50 & TB55 for Matrice 200 and Inspire

Drone Course E-Learning now available for all ICARUS Students

CAA Safety Notice - DJI Matrice 200 In-Flight Power Failures

Modern day drones - What a time to be alive. Sort of

How to write an Operating Safety Case | The Series - Part 3 | What are the Main Elements of an OSC?

How to write an Operating Safety Case | The Series - Part 2 | What is an Operating Safety Case?

How to write an Operating Safety Case | The Series - Part 1 | Who is Matt Williams and why is he giving this information away for FREE?

How do you charge the DJI Mavic 2 Flight Controller and Battery?

Free ICARUS 1 E-learning drone course for hobbyists

How to Make Money From Drones

How many flight hours need to be logged with my drone for my PfCO renewal?

Shop for DJI Drones with Aerial Motion Pictures

2 new DJI Mavics have finally arrived. Check out our first impressions

How long does it take to get a drone license

How to plan for Aerial Filming with a drone in London

Major changes for PfCO Holders as the CAA reduce distances for aircraft less than 20 kg

Time to update your Operations Manual! CAP 1687 brings amendments to CAP 393

What is a Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery and how do I handle them safely with my drone?

What is a NOTAM and how do I check for them when flying a drone?

What is Vortex Ring and how do I avoid it with my drone?

How to unlock a DJI aircraft such as the Mavic Pro & Phantom 4

How do I get a Cover Note with the Flock Cover App?

CAP 393 Air Navigation (Amendment) Order 2018 - Coming into force on 30th July 2018

How to add drones to your media & design business

11 items every drone pilot should have in their flight safety box

How to handle the public when flying a drone - Our Top Tips

ICARUS Pro Drone Courses now become 2 Days with Online elements

Rumours circulate about the DJI Mavic II (2)

The PfCO and how much does the drone license cost?

When you can't fly your DJI Inspire 2 drone indoors...improvise!

DJI Mavic Pro vs Parrot's Anafi - The fight for portable drones has begun

When will I have to register my drone in the UK?

How to become a heavy lift drone pilot

A Life at Sea - Offshore Wind Turbine Inspections with a Drone

Should I upgrade to the Phantom 4 Pro V2.0?

Get your PfCO Drone Course on Interest-free Finance

CAA Online PfCO Application and Renewal Process: How-To Video

CAA NQE; Aerial Motion Pictures (FLY ICARUS) Announces Changes to Operational Evaluation (Flight Test) Process

CAA Announces Changes to the PfCO Application and Renewal Process: SRG1320 Switches to NEW Online Application Process

Which MFT lenses work with the DJI Zenmuse X5S

Which DJI Drone do I choose for filming?

ICARUS releases Drone Night Rating Course online

Here are the new CAA Drone Application Costs for 2018

Can a DJI Spark be used commercially? - First Impressions

What are the best drone flight schools in the UK?

CAA CAP 393 (ANO) Updated to New 2018 Version

Filming with drones in towns and cities

Where can you get drone training in the UK

CAA Drone Permissions Cost Increase for 2018 Announced

Join us at The Photography Show 2018

How To Make A Great Drone Website - 7 Tips To Help You Stand Out From The Crowd!

Do you need a PfCO to fly drones for your own Company around your own buildings?

How do I convert my Pilot License to a Drone License?

How much does it cost to set up a drone business?

Are All Drone Courses The Same?

What are the Drone Laws in the UK

What Drone Insurance Do I Need To Start A Business

How Much Does a CAA Drone License Cost?

What Drone Qualifications Do I Need to Fly?

How Do I Get the Landowners Permission to Fly My Drone

How to Fly Your Drone in a City Without an OSC

Why do you Need a Drone License?